CBT Dog Behaviour & Training Services is a professional training and behaviour specialist. Fully qualified, accredited and insured. At CBT we use modern training techniques with a focus on using positive methods of training and behaviour modification, specifically reward based training. We use force-free, humane methods of training with the welfare of the animal at the forefront. 

We deal with behavioural issues such as:

Fears and phobia, compulsive disorders, excessive barking, pulling on leash, aggression towards humans and dogs, separation anxiety, jumping up and general boisterous behaviour

CBT Dog Behaviour & Training is run by Glasgow based Jim Gillies BSc A.Dip CBM qualified Dog Trainer and Behaviourist. Jim works with owner’s and their dogs helping solve a variety of behavioural and training problems.

Jim Gillies is one of the UK’s leading Animal Behaviourists, and uses kind, non-invasive and humane training methods. Methods are in line with the most current scientific and modern practices. 

Jim is a qualified and accredited Dog Trainer and Behaviourist. He has significant experience in working with dogs with moderate to severe behavioural issues. After completing the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management(A.Dip CBM) Jim made the step forward in offering behavioural consultations to dog owners and has quickly become one of the UK leading dog behaviour specialist holding a level 6 qualification in Animal Aggression, Human/Animal Bond and Companion Animal Loss. Jim is currently working towards a Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management (G.Dip ABM) on route to Clinical Behaviourist.

Jim is a dog behaviour specialist with over 6 years professional experience in behaviour training on a 1-2-1 basis.

Jim is an accredited behaviourist via 

- ISAP (International Society of Animal Professionals)

- PPG (Pet Professional Guild)


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