1. CARE – Counter-conditioning and +Reinforcement are Essential for Reactive Dogs

2. Sophia Yin’s Website

3. Dogs Trust -

4. Blue Cross Muzzle Training

5. Susan Friedman Behaviour Works -


1.Don’t Shoot the Dog - Karen Pryor

2. Culture Clash, Mine! And Fight! – Jean Donaldson

3. Aggression in Dogs: practical management, prevention and behaviour modification - Brenda Aloff

4. The power of positive dog training – Pat Miller

5. How Dogs Learn - Birch and Bailey

. Animal Cognition - Adam Miklosi 


1. Ian Dunbar’s Growl Class: a workshop demo for reactive dogs

2. Dog I-box: a collection of dog training webinars from force free trainers. Many dealing with fear, reactivity and aggression.


1. Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT)

2. Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT)

3. Muzzle Training Kikopup- Zak George-

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