At CBT Dog Training & Behaviour we value what our customers have to say. Have a look below for some reviews....


Micheáilín Berry Doherty "Jim is a fantastic trainer and my little puppy has came on a treat!! Thanks to Jim and his amazing knowledge about dogs. My little puppy just loves when he comes. � would highly recommend if you want a well behaved and well rounded relaxed and obedient dog."


Sheena Rossi "Have to dog Talia (who is very timid around traffic and other dogs) has only had 3 sessions with Jim but I’m totally amazed at the difference in her already . Jim is so patient and gentle , couldn’t recommend him highly enough."



Peter McGinness "Jim has helped us with our 3 year old staffy Luna and we couldn’t recommend him enough. He has a fantastic knowledge about dogs and their behaviours. Jim explained the training methods which were easy to follow and to understand. Luna has come on leaps and bounds."



Jamie Doherty "Jim is phenomenal. His knowledge and advice have been invaluable in training our puppy cocker spanniel. His mouthing was quite bad at the start and Jim taught us how to redirect and also other tips to help with crating. I would highly recommend Jim to everyone. Looking forward to more sessions next year."



Kate Allardice "Jim has been a God send in helping us with Alfie our lab/retriever, Alfie is from working dogs and very active, he can now walk loose lead is taking commands to wait sit and his recall is definitely improved, still a bit of work to do with socialising to be done in the new year, I would recommend Jim's training sessions for anyone who has a dog with any of the above issues, thanks Jim see you in the new year."



Lawra Mulholland "Jim has been helping me for the last couple of months with Mischa my 5 year old very stressed German shepherd who has been highly strung since a puppy and finds it very hard too relax Jim is so patient and his training methods are finally starting to work, week by week I see more progress and after 2 weeks intensive training in Jim's home Mischa is able to relax and her behaviour is so much better. Can't thank Jim enough for the work he has and still is doing with my girl you can see that he loves his job and Mischa loves him would definitely recommend Jim to anyone who need help with their dog .he deserves a medal as my girl is not easy but we love her to bits."


Gary White ·"In just three sessions with Jim, the difference in our dog, Riley is amazing - Jim patiently talked us through the thought and behaviour processes that drive Riley’s actions and educated us in how to respond and capitalise in these actions so we can make our wee dog as happy and obedient as we need! 

Next stop, Crufts.....(ok, maybe not!)

Thank you so much Jim!!!"

Grant Howard  "Jim is amazing.
The difference in our dog after 3 sessions with him is night and day.
In addition to his enthusiasm and practical abilities with dogs, he has in in-depth academic understanding of canine behaviour and motivations coupled with the communication skills to let you grasp them. Jim is amiable, easy to talk to and very accommodating of your schedule and needs. We simply cannot recommend him highly enough. We were at a crisis-point with our dog when contacted Jim and in fact were doubting whether we could keep him, but thanks to the techniques and insight he has given us that's no longer an issue. We're delighted with the service."

Elizabeth Mclaughlin "Jim is a great trainer he doesn’t just train the dogs but encourages you and gives you confidence and when you’re confident you’re dog is happy in three sessions what a difference in my dog I would highly recommend him my dog just loves him thanks Jim from me and faith and we wish you all the best"



Julia Swann "Jim was great at helping us with our rescue dog Coco. Coco has learned to be so much more patient, and walking him is so much more pleasant now. Jim was always very understanding of Coco's behavioural issues and gave us all a lot more confidence in caring for him. Completely different to other places we had tried which told us to be forceful with our nervous wee dog. Thanks for all your help!"




Lee-Anne Duddy “I contacted Jim for help with my 2 year old cocker spaniel who pulls on the leash and barks at lots of noises. Jim was great with Brodie and the techniques used are really effective-the difference in 2 weeks is amazing! Seeing such progress is really motivating and Brodie enjoys his training. Jim is really knowledgeable and helpful and the training has been great.”

Michelle Brown “I contacted Jim a few weeks ago regarding our border collie Alfie who is 20 months old. We had a few minor problems with Alfie regarding pulling on the lead, barking at various noises in the house, being scared of people coming to the house and being scared of the hoover.
We have had 3 sessions with Jim and the difference in Alfie is amazing. The pulling on the lead is almost gone ( only when he gets really excited ) he is no longer scared of people coming to the house or the hoover. His barking at various noises in the house i.e the door bell has reduced considerably.
Jim is a great guy and was great with Alfie and also our older dog Dana. Thanks Jim”

Becca Somerville “Jim is the kind of behaviourist we need more of - patient, knowledgable and truly caring about dogs' welfare. He is experienced working with both rescue and dogs raised from puppies. Glasgow is lucky to have him! I highly recommend his help if you have a behaviour or training issue with your own dog.

Katie Scott-Dyer “Jim is dedicated to providing the best welfare based behaviour and training for both dog and owner, in a safe and encouraging manner. He is passionate about his work and I wouldn't hesitate for one second to recommend him. Got a behaviour issue with your dog? Book Jim Gillies now!”

Lauren Murray "Jim has been helping me train Bentley for a few weeks now and I'm so pleased with the difference in him in such a short time! I never thought I would be able to let him off the lead now I feel confident I can and he will come back! He seems a much happier wee dog now! Jim's techniques are great and easy to put into place would definitely recommend Jim to anyone who wants help making their dogs lives happier and stress free !" 

Laura McWhannell "Jim has been great with our dog Daisy! He has shown us what techniques to use to help both us and her. Very friendly and professional service. You can see the passion he has in his work. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for help with their dogs"

Ellys Woods "We couldn't recommend Jim more highly!! He was very patient training us as well as Dougal, our 6 month old Labradoodle. Dougal was a rescue pup in need of some help and Jim's knowledge has helped us all massively!!"